About Chris Carter


Long before he became a seasoned Realtor, Chris Carter exhibited entrepreneurial spirit. Owning a landscaping company in his 20s helped him discover how much he enjoyed running a business — however, he still desired the challenge of working alone. One day, a friend and future colleague, Andy Werschky, shared the advantages of a career in real estate, and Chris has never looked back. Twelve fulfilling years later, Chris has developed a reputation as one of the most successful Realtors in the Destin, Florida area. With the largest air force base in the United States, as well as a gorgeous Gulf shoreline, the Destin market is charged with clients who run the gamut from military families to those seeking a picturesque vacation home.


Even in his early years as a Realtor, Chris was never one to shy away from challenges. After joining Andy’s team at ReMax as a buyer’s agent, he realized that short sales made up a sizeable chunk of the market in the Destin area, and he eagerly rose to the occasion. In fact, during his first three years of being a Realtor, Chris successfully negotiated 300 short sales. He notes how many agents avoid short sales because of the workload, but he saw them as golden opportunities. It was also a chance for him to tackle the tougher parts of his new industry right away — a “baptism by fire” of sorts.


Chris recalls a time that was particularly fulfilling, when he helped a client stay in her original home after her husband’s passing. Thanks to negotiations with the bank resulting in a mortgage that was less than half of the prior payment, the client was able to avoid relocating and losing the property that she cherished. Chris says he thrives on this type of transaction —  helping those who have fallen on hard times to understand their options, and encouraging them not to give up. 


Because of the six years he spent as a property appraiser prior to joining ReMax, Chris is also a knowledgeable resource for clients who happen to be building or renovating. Well-connected in the local building community, he points out that he “has a guy” for everything related to construction, whether clients are improving one part of their home or starting from scratch. He’s even happy to offer a ballpark estimate on what things might cost, based on his own experience and his contacts in the industry.


It’s no surprise that clients he represented in the past are likely to call him at any time and request his expertise. Chris himself has flipped more than 30 homes, so he knows what he’s talking about. However, he points out that flipping and selling are not as easy as television has made it look. Those who want to invest in property ought to be savvy, he says, and not rely on TV or websites such as Zillow to be their end point in research. An investor should have a thorough plan, including what the home will sell for later, before buying.


Now, 12 years into his robust career, Chris has garnered several recognitions and awards for his exceptional service. He has been named Realtor of the Year by his MLS Board, a ReMax Hall of Famer, a recipient of the Presidential Award from his association and a member of the ReMax 100% and Platinum Clubs. He has also served on the Board for the Emerald Coast Association of Realtors, or ECAR. His hope for the future is to continue representing clients to the very best of his ability in all transactions — helping buyers find their dream home at the right budget, and helping sellers earn a price that satisfies them.


When Chris is not working hard on behalf of clients or flipping houses, he values time with his family. He enjoys hanging out with his wife, Tricia, who has recently joined him in the real estate business, as well as his two daughters, Bailey and Mckenzie. Like many Southerners, Chris spends ample time in the great outdoors, hunting and fishing wildlife. He’ll also catch the occasional college football game as a University of Alabama fan — but he says he is not prone to throwing things at the television. Sports aside, there’s a real world out there.